“This Stunning Orb Art Piece by RedString made a lasting impression on all of us at the Mortgages of Canada open house. Our brokerage is proud to support the RedString mission and encourage others to do the same.”

Samantha Brooks - CEO Mortgages of Canada

“Wow Wow WOW!!!!! We had NO IDEA this would be SO amazing! We came home from the grocery store and saw this great package on our doorstep….. Timea picked it up and brought it in realizing it was from RedString! As we experienced this gift, with high end packaging, and the obviously carefully thought out pieces that were unfolding, we were BLOWN AWAY. So far exceeded our expectations, EVERYONE should be benefitting from this program”

Stuart Sinclair - Sales Representative

“I LOVE RedString! Such a seamless expression of gratitude for my clients. The RedString story of connection is an awesome component for me too!”

Kelly Killingbeck - Sales Representative

“Both of my clients were over the moon about receiving such a thoughtful gift. They both felt this was a great and unique way for me to say thank you. It was so unexpected which made them both feel very special and appreciated. One of my clients is at the end of her contract with me…….she now wants to extend it….I know sending the gift was a deciding factor in extending it past the contracted date. I can’t wait to see their reaction when they receive their other gifts.”

Sharon Hales - President - ABB Hotel Management Group

“I fell in love with this from the beginning. I was in love with it and I knew that this was genius. I also believe that they have gotten all the kinks out and now it is quite simply a kick ass beautiful idea.”

Kelly R. - Sales Representative

“Redstring is impressive ‘right out of the box’. Great design in packaging and the gifts are substantial. A client thank you that is more professional then I can do myself.”

Chris Maynard - Sales Representative

“Gratitude is such an important part of my business. RedString makes showing gratitude to my clients, and partners SO easy. It allows me to touch base with my clients on a regular basis without even trying. I look forward to great things as partners for many years to come.”

Sue Danychuk - Home Financing Advisor

“Best client gift you can give; it’s a great way to stay in touch with your clients, after the deal has closed. Not only do they receive one gift, they receive multiple gifts, all featuring your personal brand”

Rob Golfi - Sales Representative

“Rocco and I wanted to write you a little note to thank you so much for the lovely gift that was sent to our home. What a beautiful gesture, the RedString concept touches the soul, what a perfect gift! I can’t express enough how blessed I feel by our connection. I love how much meaning the gift has. It is described as those who are destined to meet and symboli􀁡es kindness, consideration and selflessness one extends towards others. It shows goodness. These characteristics are all a symbol of you.”

Sonya & Rocco - Homeowners